There are many articles and blog posts on how to find a tech or a programming job. There are some on deciphering tech job advertisements. Like how they’d advise you to apply for the job if you match at least 50% of the qualifications listed. But I rarely encounter any posts on what the job seeker looks out for, so I wanted to take this time while I’m actively job searching to do just that.

Job advertisements are for companies and organizations to find a new employee. …

A retrospective look at what I learned as a coding boot camp graduate transitioning out of his first year of his first programming job


I’ve worked in finance, accounting, hospitality, education and now tech. No matter the industry or the role, mistakes are inevitable. We can do our best to minimize them through training, preparation but ultimately it comes down to real-life experience.

Each mistake certainly comes with its own level of severity but the mistake isn’t as significant as bouncing back and learning from the mistake. What differs tech from the other industries when it comes to mistakes is…

Ever found yourself continually having to manage null and/or undefined errors? I remember having to always write some conditional statements to account for the possibility of having something come in as such and prevent errors being thrown rendering the application useless and broken.

Especially when you’re working with external data and APIs, you can’t always trust that they’ll be accurate and reliable all the time. So you may fetch some data from an API and based on that data you want to manipulate and transform it before displaying it to your users. But what if all of a sudden the…

You’re new to the world of programming, or you’re just getting used to the hang of things and want to finally put some effort into a really pleasing terminal design and theme. Look no further than iTerm and the zsh shell.

The First Time

I first was exposed to iTerm through my Technical Coaching Fellow (AKA TA) at Flatiron when he pressed CMD twice and a terminal session came sliding down from the top of the screen — I was in awe, in fact, many of us were! …

Exploring some of the foundations and basics of TypeScript with JavaScript

Image result for typescript

For those unfamiliar with TypeScript, it is a static-typed language for JavaScript. You can define and declare what your variables and functions will expect and return in terms of types.

var foo:string;
foo = 'happy holidays!';
foo = 123;
// Error

This is great for checking your inputs and outputs but also reassuring as you can always expect certain variables and functions to only handle the stated types. Not everyone deals with surprises as well as others! Just refer to Ellen DeGeneres’ videos on YouTube!

You could say this…

Other ways to adjust your modals other than with a fade in and fade out effects

Modals are an integral part of front end development — they allow you to focus attention on only certain parts and get rid of other noise in the background. They also allow you to create a view without having to navigate to a completely separate page for just a quick look at something on a larger scale, or quickly gain some more information on something.

I remember the first time I tried creating my own modal and kept setting the body’s background color to…

From scratch — address issues and confusing bits — as an introduction — with React and Babel

Webpack. We’ve all heard talk about it and we may even know some of the things it does — like bundles up files for us! But what exactly is it, how can we use it and when should we use it?

Webpack has many capabilities:

  • bundles up files for us
  • minimizes file sizes
  • code splitting
  • manipulate and transform code via loaders and plugins

Because of all these significant capabilities making our applications fast and saving us time coding and doing repetitive tasks, Webpack has climbed to stardom…

Introducing Java from the perspective of a JavaScript and Ruby developer

It was a beautiful sunny day in mid-May, I was diligently learning Ruby with wonderful peers when a friend at the table had mentioned the code we were looking at would’ve been 5x longer had it been in Java. Of course that was pretty shocking already, but did I understand what he actually meant? No, I mean how could I? Java is its own beast. And frankly, it was the very beginning of my dev career!

A company presented a code challenge to candidates and even if you didn’t…

Perhaps you’ve heard of it and perhaps you know what it is and what it does, but not sure where to start trying it out — let’s cover that for you!

What is the Context API?

“ Context provides a way to pass data through the component tree without having to pass props down manually at every level.” — React Docs

Tackling and implementing an image loading strategy

Have you ever seen or noticed how sometimes you would first be given a lower resolution picture and then a higher resolution picture when it was ready, or when you had a higher speed connection? This is what I wanted to try out!

This strategy gives the user some context and feedback saying:

“I’m still loading, but this is basically what you’re getting in a second just in a better quality .”

I think it’s great UX and should, if it isn’t already, be the industry standard — of course not my implementation, but the idea itself. Nowadays video providers and players provide…

Paul Ly

Full-Stack Web Developer - Former JPM Analyst, ESL Teacher, and Expat

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